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Build Innovative Teams with a D&I Culture

 Reinforce behavior for an innovative workplace by understanding how D&I leaders around the globe do it.

 Build multi-cultural competencies through 1:1 and group sessions with diverse teams.

 Demonstrate authority in D&I by creating branded D&I puzzles on the GLEAC App.


of employees


of job seekers

consider diversity an important element of their workplace,

which affects recruitment and retention.

Diversity & Inclusion is more of a mindset that leaders need to embrace. Companies that drive diversity and inclusion enjoy a boom in innovation, collaboration and employee engagement, which combine to deliver a distinct competitive and fiscal advantage.


Give under-represented groups not just a voice, but also a seat at the table. Expand access to one-on-one mentoring to foster the creation of diverse culture  


Your employees are constantly looking for guidance and support. With GLEAC, give your employees access to powerful relationships.


Make Opportunity available to everyone. Use GLEAC to accelerate leadership diversity in your organization.

We also have a University Accredited ACE Course

Building Diverse and Inclusive Organizational Culture


The objective of this course is to sensitize and enable learners to actively promote diversity and inclusion. The course will systematically help learners to focus inward and learn to detect and overcome their own biases and prejudices. They will learn to appreciate the importance of diversity and recognize impact of actions on inclusion. This course will focus on communicating and collaborating with diverse global teams, understanding and appreciating individual differences. Learners will be educated about important ways in which D&I can become an important part of various organizational processes.



Benefits of this course:

 Develop an understanding of 'diversity' and 'inclusion'

 Develop ways of overcoming personal bias

 Communicate respectfully with individuals from diverse backgrounds

 Demonstrate more emotionally intelligent behaviour

 Illustrate inclusive organizational practices

At GLEAC, we practice what we preach. GLEAC has built team on the very core of diversity. We are proud to say that our team members hail from different parts of the work, belong to various ethnicities and come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

Let us help you make a team a testament to new-age Diversity and Inclusion.

Expose your teams to our industry experts who will talk about D&I when it comes to gender, age, geography, education and much more.

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