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Help first time job seekers showcase their competencies and get hired

Reduce inequalities in hiring and people facing barriers

due to lack of experience and/or traditional education.  

Develop managers with insights from industry experts

Leverage global mentorship, custom learning journeys and on-demand insights for your managers to engage in a unique leadership development program.

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Allow job seekers to explore and benchmark their job readiness.

Groom managers with cohort-learning guided by global managers

Unlock live, high-energy workshops with global counterparts so that your managers can give constructive feedback, manage conflict effectively and lead by example.


Human skills such as difficult thinking, judgement and decision making, emotional IQ and creativity make up 85% of job success.  


Did you know?

  85% of jobs will evolve and/or disappear by 2030.

Human skills matter more today.  



Improve your competencies in just 30 days

on your profile with job specific upskilling

and mentorship.

Maximise manager development ROI with custom learning journeys

Help managers practice their unique strengths and gaps with simulated workplace situations and exercise their  leadership skills.

 Practice your skills in over 50,000 workplace situation with mentorship with mentors who have been there and done that.

Certification and University Credits

are available for your upskilling

Gleac is CPD accredited ( unlimited credits available) and

ACE approved (3 credits) by American Universities.  

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Equip them with on-demand intelligence on managing tricky workplace situations

Tap into collective intelligence while comparing your answers with those who’ve "been there and done that."

Unlock collective intelligence from global managers

  Micro-practices popular with New Job Seekers

   Critical Thinking For Customer Complaints

  Critical thinking for understanding and handling customer complaints

  Collaboration to boost sales 

  Collaboration between sales and

marketing teams to boost sales 

  Creative Problem Solving 


 Creative Problem solving (CPS) for 

overcoming issues

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